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Atiker Metal Inc. is manufacturing auto LPG tanks and LPG/CNG fuel systems within the manufacturing plants located in Konya, Turkey. We have cosed area of manufacturing facilities is about 70,000 square meters. Atiker Metal Inc. production team of more than 1000 white and blue collars is doing best in supplying high quality products to customers in Turkey and all around the world. State of the art technology is used in Atiker’s manufacturing facilities for ultimate consumer satisfaction. Atiker Metal Inc. exports about 60 % of the production to more than 40 countries in 5 continents.
ASEAN Distribution Center ATIKER: A GLOBAL BRAND FROM TURKEY Atiker MetaI Inc. is started by Mehmet Ali Atiker in 1970 in order to manufacture steel pipes used in deep water wells. As a result of technological developments and the demands of the markets Atiker Metal Inc. changed interest from production of steel pipes to production of automotive LPG tanks and then production of LPG and CNG autogas systems.  

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Atiker at NGV China (May 7th-9th, 2014)

Among more than 350 international and local exhibiting companies display their latest technology and industry trends, Atiker has been successfully presented in the 15th China International NGV and Gas Station Equipment Expo on 7th-8th-9th May, 2014 in Beijing, China.   With great respond from the crowd, Atiker is identified as high technology standard and best quality LPG/CNG products at exhibition. We are proudly recognized as world biggest LPG/CNG manufacture with regulation of environmental friendly LPG system at NGV China.   Atiker is strongly believe in the need of Chinese market demand of LPG and CNG business opportunity in the near...

Atiker Cambodia Seminar: LPG Business in Cambodia

Atiker Cambodia had arranged LPG business Seminar on Saturday, March 8th, 2014, at InterContinental Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Atiker has invited interested business people and LPG businessmen in Phnom Penh as company honor to join the event. The seminar aimed is to improve understanding of LPG and introducing LPG business of Atiker in Cambodia. This will help commercial fleet owners and entrepreneurs to consider green business of LPG which is one of the famous transportation industry choice in some developed countries. The event focused on the needs of potential future LPG business in Cambodia and Atiker mission plan. These seminar will be our way to inform local government and businesses about how they can take advantage of LPG vehicle installation opportunity with lower their petrol expense cost according to lessen dependency on foreign oil and clean the air all at the same time. The positive response to these seminars that Atiker has been getting tremendous respond from entrepreneurs and social media...

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In addition, the quality and safety of goods. We still regard customer satisfaction ” after sales service ” .
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In addition, the quality and safety of goods. We still regard customer satisfaction ” after sales service ” .
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Oil Versus Gaz
(In Thai Baht over the years)
Note: Based on Bangchak data for Gasohol 95 and NGV.

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Can my car be converted to LPG?
Most petrol engines including turbo charged and fuel injected engines can be converted.
How will I save money by converting my car to LPG?
Even though lpg has a lower calorific value than petrol, (you get slightly less miles per gallon), lpg costs about 50% less than petrol.  This is because the tax levels are much lower for lpg than for both diesel and unleaded, so it is still a far more cost effective way to run your car.  The tax break is due to government supporting evidence that lpg is a very clean burning fuel LPG savings calculator
Why is LPG better for the environment?
Lpg is by far the most widely available environmentally friendly alternative fuel. It is non-toxic and has no impact on soil, water and underground aquifers. It also helps to improve the quality of indoor and outdoor air, as it produces substantially less particulate matter, Nitrogen oxide, Carbon monoxide, Hydrocarbons and CO2 emissions than diesel, petrol, oil, wood and coal.

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