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K01.MK02.121 LPG Mini Kit 3 – 4 Cyl. Safefast SR08

Stock Code Stock Description
K01.001112 LPG Reducer SR08 110 Kw
K01.003490 LPG-CNG Safefast ECU 3-4 Cyl.
K01.003500 LPG-CNG Wire Harness 3-4 Cyl.
K01.003515 LPG-CNG 3515 Safefast MAP Sensor
K01.003520 LPG-CNG Swicth And Buzzer Safefast-Microfast
K01.001856 LPG-CNG Injector AHC 4 Cyl. 3 Ohm
K01.003380 LPG-CNG Reducer Temp. Sensor
K01.003373 LPG-CNG Temp. Sensor and Vacuum T
K01.SF12.12 LPG-CNG Filter SF12 Ø12 x Ø12 mm


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