• In the world LPG fuel using advantage has been provided to millions of vehicle owner and stable machinery users. All over the Turkey LPG using is a confidental result. If LPG using was dangerous, Insurnce primes should be in the way of forbidden the usage of LPG.
  • By the right mounting of LPG it is more secure than the oil systems. In case the ystem is mounted by the trained staff, suitable components are used, the correct compenants will be mounted in the security areas, fuel pipes sould be lied far from the exhaust pipes and after the assemblying operation adjustment values should be established and the leaking tests should be activated.
  • The buoy which is fixed on the lpg tanks controls the lpg level in the tank. An additional valve was fixed beside the multiple control unit in new applications. For the controls of LPg inlets-outlets. There is a manual valve on the tank to open or close the carrying lines of the entering or out going gass. These valves are used for closing th LPg inlet and outletduring the maintains. Accidents or fire events. In addition to the excessive flowwlve automatically enters the circulation and locks the system automatically in case rear hits or berakings of the carrier pipes etc. By this way outlet of the gass from the tank completely stops. This supplies the safety of the driver. The buoy which is located on the LPG tank was adjusted to fill %80 of the tank. Durin the LPG filling to the tank, shaking the LPg tank in order to fill more gas spoils multy walf adjustment. In this case LPg tank becomes overloaded. This is a dangerous case. Auto gass LPg tank should not be filed up more than 80 %
  • If ther is more LPg flow in a LPG tank for any reason such as a break of the copper pipe the leaking flow valve which was fixed to the tank stops the LPG flow automatically at the outlet in
  • LPG leaking risk is less than petrol when compared with it.


  •  Do not breath the exhaust gasses for long time
  • Do not leave yoru vehicle for a short or long time in the place such as adepat or garage there is no air circulation.
  • Absolutely let your car to be gass adjusted by the authorised services.
  • Please do not control the gass leaking with fire. Test suspicious gass leaking places with soap foam.
  • If you feel gass a smell stop your vehicle close valve on the tank and consult an authorised service.